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Just livin the life in sunny Florida. We are crazy busy with the kids activities and just keeping our lives organized. Between home, job and civic responsibilities, we have still managed to have a great 2014.  Michelle joined Martin Health System in 2013 in their marketing department.  She loves the  hospital system and the people she works with. Ed has taken on a position of Area General Manager for three local hotel properties, the Courtyard by Marriott Hutchinson Island and the Holiday Inn Port St. Lucie and a new boutique hotel in development. 

Jessie, 20 just finished her second year at SOUTHEASTERN University in Lakeland, Florida. She is an english major with a minor in international studies. She visited Russia last summer for her freshmen mission trip!! Thanks to all that helped make this happen.

Eddie, 17, just graduated from Jensen Beach High School. His goal is to be a police officer. He starts at Indian River State College in the fall, with a criminology major in mind. We are very proud of him!

Mya, 8, just graduated from 2nd grade! Mya is lovin' life and explores and plays all day long. She loves gymnastics and loves to hang with her friend Ashlyn.

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